AA;PG Server is not streaming


      please read this thread for an overview:

      [Help] America's Army Proving Grounds Getting Stated

      In 3 easy steps...

      1. Delete pbucon.use

      2. Replace pbsv.cfg with this:

      ;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Server
      ; Some of the following settings may not apply,
      ; consult manuals at evenbalance.com for full documentation
      pb_sv_MsgPrefix "PunkBuster Server" //[PB Message Prefix (default=^3PunkBuster Client)]
      pb_sv_MaxDlRate 4 //[KB/sec requested per file (default=4)]
      pb_sv_MaxConDls 6 //[Concurrent downloads (default=1)]
      pb_sv_KickLen 5 //[Minutes (default=2)]
      pb_sv_CvarFreq 6 //[# of range checks per minute]
      pb_sv_CvarLogging 1 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=Var Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]
      pb_sv_CvarWalk 1 //[0=disabled, 1-4=Walk through obtained Cvar lists]
      pb_sv_CvarUserPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarUser (minutes)]
      pb_sv_CvarChangedPulse 99 //[Frequency to auto-send CvarChanged (minutes)]
      pb_sv_CQC 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)]
      pb_sv_LogSync 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_SsFloor 1 //[Low screenshot filename serial #]
      pb_sv_SsCeiling 1000 //[High screenshot filename serial #]
      pb_sv_SsCmd "" //[Filename of system command to run after screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsWidth 800 //[Requested pixel width of remote screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsHeight 408 //[Requested pixel height of remote screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsXpct 50 //[Percentage across screen for remote screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsYpct 1 //[Percentage down screen for remote screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsSrate 2 //[Sample Rate for remote screenshots]
      pb_sv_SsDelay 0 //[Maximum delay client waits before capturing screenshot]
      pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved]
      pb_sv_AutoSsFrom 60 //[Min # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]
      pb_sv_AutoSsTo 1200 //[Max # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]
      pb_sv_AutoSs 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_ssLogging 3 //[1=Reg. Log, 2=SS Log, 3=Both, 0=Neither]
      pb_sv_ssTimeout 200 //[Seconds]
      pb_sv_Sleep 60 //[# of Milliseconds (default=60)]
      pb_sv_PowerMin 1 //[Power Points]
      pb_sv_PowerDef 0 //[Power Points]
      pb_sv_PowerKickLen 0 //[Minutes (default=5)]
      pb_sv_HttpPort 0 //[Port #]
      pb_sv_HttpAddr "" //[External IP Address]
      pb_sv_HttpRefresh 30 //[Seconds]
      pb_sv_HttpKey "" //[Key]
      pb_sv_HttpMaps "" //[Map list (separate by spaces)]
      pb_sv_ScoreKick 0 //[Min score (negative)]
      pb_sv_ChangePeriod 600 //[Seconds]
      pb_sv_ChangeMax 5 //[Max name changes allowed]
      pb_sv_DupNameGrace 0 //[Seconds]
      pb_sv_AutoUpdBan 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_ExtChar 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_GuidRelax 0 //[1=UNKN, 2=WRONGIP, 4=DUP (add desired values)]
      pb_sv_RconReload 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_HttpMapsPath "" //[Path where maps are loaded from in WebTool]
      pb_sv_HttpColText1 "FFFFFF" //[Text Color #1 in WebTool (default=FFFFFF)]
      pb_sv_HttpColText2 "0000FF" //[Text Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]
      pb_sv_HttpColBack1 "000000" //[Background Color #1 in WebTool (default=000000)]
      pb_sv_HttpColBack2 "808080" //[Background Color #2 in WebTool (default=808080)]
      pb_sv_HttpColLine1 "FF0000" //[Line Color #1 in WebTool (default=FF0000)]
      pb_sv_HttpColLine2 "0000FF" //[Line Color #2 in WebTool (default=0000FF)]
      pb_sv_HttpColMsg "FF0000" //[Message Color in WebTool (default=FF0000)]
      pb_sv_HttpShowGuid 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_Restrictions 2 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=1)]
      pb_sv_FileWhitelist "" //[Folder Filename Filename ... Filename]
      pb_sv_EmptyName 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_LogFloor 1 //[Low log filename serial #]
      pb_sv_MinName 0 //[Min Characters in Player name (default=0)]
      pb_sv_MaxName 0 //[Max Characters in Player name (default=0)]
      pb_sv_LanMask "" //[IP Address Mask for LAN Players (default=)]
      pb_sv_Lan 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_UpdateGrace 2400 //[Seconds to wait before Update Failure kick]
      pb_sv_NoGuidGrace 10 //[Seconds to wait before No GUID kick]
      pb_sv_AliasFn "pbalias.dat" //[Filename (default="pbalias.dat")]
      pb_sv_AliasAutoLoad 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_AliasMax 10 //[Max # of Aliases to track for each PB GUID]
      pb_sv_AliasMaxEnforce 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]
      pb_sv_load pbsvlog.cfg //load remote logging settings (if pbsvlog.cfg exists)

      ;Badname List - pb_sv_badname [grace_period_secs] [disallowed text]

      ;Cvar Range List - pb_sv_cvar [cvar_name] [type] [value(s)]

      ;PB UCON Settings / Lists
      pb_sv_usessionlimit 15
      pb_sv_ucontimeout 300
      pb_sv_uconmaxsendrate 16

      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "ggc_85.114.136.131" "aa4"
      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "ggc_85.114.136.132" "aa4"
      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "ggc_85.114.136.133" "aa4"

      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-1" "pbbanshub"
      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-2" "pbbanshub"
      pb_sv_uconadd 1 "" "pbbhub3-3" "pbbanshub"
      pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use // Enables UCON in case the server removes the file for any reason

      3. Restart PB or Server if you do not have access to pb commands.

      Note the pbbans are optional - this is an exact copy of MY servers pbsv.cfg file.

      Any probs - revert back.

      Depending on your server provider EITHER ftp the changes or use their web panel.

      Kind Regards

      nopp not working i did delcte pbucon copy your text to pbvs restart but notfhing:(
      i just wonder?if i streaming to aci and get theys ip and all should i not have your ip and other like this ??
      pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use
      pb_sv_usessionlimit 10
      pb_sv_uconadd 1 aci livesecure

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