welcome say your message

      Hi SilverStone,

      as i remember you are a German Member, so why you wrote here? Anyway... you post in english Section, so i have to answer in English...

      You mean that?

      If yes, its trivial...

      Set a Textmessage like that:
      Welcome #nickname# with the GUID #guid# to our server.

      The "Wildcards" will be changed to the real Parameters like:
      Welcome SilverStone with the GUID HAST-DU-NICHT-GESEHEN-UND-KOMM-GUT-AN to our server.

      "Wildcards" are:
      • #nickname#
      • #guid#
      • #date#
      • #time#
      • #ip#

      You can Change the Text betwean the Wildcards as you like:
      Welcome Headadmin #nickname# to our Server. We love you all!

      BUT... if i understand right, it will be only shown to you, not Serverwide to all player where online...

      If you locking for a Serverwide Information you need a other Tool i think, as e.g. ProCon or rconNET... (correct me, if i wrong).

      But think about... to much Info as Text on your Server will be ignored from the Gamer...
      Our Player are to blind to find our Serverrules there scrool the whole Time in Bottomline on there Screen...

      PB_SV_Task X Y "say your message or how can I put in that message so all player can see it"

      Should work, but it cannot interact with/as Trigger like "Player joint Server" => "Show Textmessage"

      More correct syntax:
      PB_SV_Task 60 120 "say your message or how can I put in that message so all player can see it"

      Here the Textmessage will be shown 60 Seconds after Serverstart and will Repeat all 120 Seconds. Not more...
      Put that Line at the Top of your "pbsv.cfg" and the Textmessage will be shown with Parameters you set (60 Seconds, repeat all 120 Seconds, same textmessage all the Time). You can set more then one of this Lines into. But Remember the Trigger Times:

      PB_SV_Task 60 120 "This Text will be shown after 60 and 120 Seconds"
      PB_SV_Task 61 121 "This Text will be shown after 61 and 121 Seconds."

      Dont forget to manage the Displaytime (60/61 and 120/121).
      Punkbuster itselfs dosent have a Function to send a Textmessage to Player, if Trigger is: "...joint Server" (but please correct me, if iam wrong!).

      Hope that helps!


      (This is a Topic for SGA's with Serveradministration Functions, so any Admin/Mod can push it into a SGA Board please?)

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      ??hi wtf im not german im from Sweden??wher did you get that at im from german??and plz don't stalk me.)im the one who have the only the namn and if you see somemore have my namn plz report the player

      iam so sorry... then i was wrong. Why should i "stalk" you?! 8| ...you are from Sweden... ok.... :!:

      ​and we don't have pcon on now because if you do it then you cant stream to ggc,aci.pb.and that's why we take that of.becouse pcon not working more.dont know why.

      So our BF3 Server runs ProCon and we can strean to ggc. I have no idea why that dosent work in your Environment.

      What about the Rest of my Text? ?(