Streaming setup

  • 1. Register your server here:

    Please make sure that you add your server with the regular gameport. IPs mustn't be filled up with zeros.



    2. Make sure the file pbucon.use exists.

    2a. If it doesn't exist, create it: pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use

    3. Put the following lines at the end of your pbsv.cfg:

    1. pb_sv_usessionlimit 9
    2. pb_sv_ucontimeout 300
    3. pb_sv_uconmaxsendrate 16
    4. pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc *GAME*
    5. pb_sv_uconignoreempty

    ////NOTE: *GAME* after the IP, is the gamecode. It depends on your game, ex: cod4, bfh, bf2m bf3 and etc.

    pb_sv_uconadd 1 ggc bf3

    4. Restart Punkbuster.