[HowTo] - What is my PB-GUID?



    The Arrangements

    To get your own PB-GUID, you must consider the following things:

    • The PunkBuster must be enabled on the server
    • The PunkBuster must be enabled by the client
    • The Console must be enabled on the server
    • The Console must, if available, be enabled by the client

    The Ingame Console

    You've checked the list above? Then you can start.
    You are on a server, then open the console with:



    Now use the Backspace key (<-) to get a "clean" console line.

    The PB Logging

    We want to make sure, that the 32digits PB-GUID is correct and there are no slips, for example, entering the GUID in the games leagues.
    Something like that can not happen, if you are logging the PB via file.

    The Commands

    Enter the following commands, please note the exact sequence, to get your own PB-GUID with a logged written file:


    /pb_logtofile 1
    /pb_logtofile 0

    The PunkBuster Client Logfile

    An example output matrix of the logged file, called pbcl.log, certainly find in the own pb folder. You can open it with an editor like Wordpad.



    [04.25.2009 09:52:53] pb_LogToFile = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes)
    [04.25.2009 09:53:06] GUID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Behind "GUID=" is your own PB-GUID. If required, you can copy it at any time. If you don't want it, you can delete the pbcl.log in pb folder.

    The PB Logging Without An Ingame Console

    You have to create a config file (pbcl.cfg) with a text editor and copy it to the pb folder with the following content:


    pb_logtofile 1

    If the file extensions are not displayed, they must be in the Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> "Extensions for known file types" box must be unchecked, so that one of pbcl.txt - can change and save to pbcl.cfg.

    The file must be inside the correct pb folder (Windows Search, Explorer):







    After that, i would recommend to delete pbcl.cfg, because it records all pb activities all the time.

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  • if there is pb at bf4 the guid will be the same. but your account will not be banned at bf4.

    every game has a separate banlist

    a lot of SO use pbbans that has cross game bans , where it searches for a ban on a different game type and iff found will kick for that as well.

    Last question, am i allowed to log in on my origin account to play bf with my friends sitting next to me, who plays on the same network ?

    not sure will the server be online or local?, and will it be streaming to a service where your banned from? also there is a chance to pick up a global ban.

  • if there is pb at bf4 the guid will be the same. but your account will not be banned at bf4.

    every game has a separat banlist

    In Battlefield Heroes, for one account, there are separate guids for separate characters. All playing on the same log-in.
    And for every identical computer there may be several accounts. Maybe more even for every ip.
    How will a ban or detection on guid be treated, on the account, the computer or only on the character name or even the ip?
    Are these classes defined?

    Greetings, PM


  • GGC will only enforce a ban on the hero that was banned, not the whole account.
    So if you have 4 heroes on your account and 1 is banned, then you can still play with the other 3 just fine.

  • Added an extra opportunity to *quickly* resolve you GUID and the GUID of any other player.

    If you go to pbscreens.com and insert the player's name in player search, it will fetch the guid and dispay it.
    But only if you're known at the connected servers. But in many cases this will work, fastest.

    Greetings, PM