Streaming Setup - NOT STREAMING

  • HI everyone,

    I am an admin with the =DOG= Clan.

    I am trying to get to the bottom of why our server is not streaming GGC

    Our Clan Leader fourdogs4 and I have followed all the instructions in the setup guide (including adding the server to ggc - , and all the information appears to be in the pbsv.cfg but still the server is not streaming. Fourdogs4 did send a ticket 2 days ago but has had no response as yet.

    Server IP is

    Below is our current pbsv.cfg


  • and this is the pbucon.use file

    We have tried setting this up on numerous Occasions and for the life of me I cant see whats gone wrong

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



  • Thanks Matt, I cant view that page it says im not authorised, is it because fourdogs setup the server here on ggc so im not an admin ?

    I have followed a guide mate, the entries are in the pbsv.cfg as you can see above (lines 86 to 88), still no joy. although the guide I followed had an extra ip line (line 88) Could that be the problem ??

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  • hello,

    as i see this server ip+ port is registered:

    you posted here:

    You must always register the correct ip+port and never use the rconport!

    Next to this the pbucon.use file must be empty, not have the same entries like the pbsv.cfg

    Please try that and restart your server.

  • Harry you are a STAR mate, fourdogs had registered the wrong port, nice spotting mate. I have deleted the old server and added the new, it is now Streaming.

    Thanks very much from the -DOG= Clan Admins