Not Able to sumit PBSS after GGC update and merger

  • Been trying to up load pbss for the last month was shure it would be fixed but it has not ... So what now ?????
    keeps saying the server is not streaming when i summit the pbss when it is ????


    ggc port 18587

    submit pbss = server not streaming

    the pbss dos not go in and I'm the only one having a issue

    putting it in for the clan and I'm the head admin so now what. shut down the arcon.. and wait a another month ... ?(

    Its not the pbss Every one else can summit the pbss . I can not summit its my account severs been restarted every thing is goo so why can I not summit pbss its just this account I'm frustrated in the last year its been down for like a day and then back.. but now I can not summit at all.. like I'm being blocked from summiting?????
    the stream is fine I just can not summit hacker pbss with this account..... sorry pips for the first time dealing with ggc in 2 year where im getting frustrated with this issue...
    stream is fine with pbss issue is summiting here
    stream is fine issue is on ggc side