Banned for nothing in BF3 and now it even counts for my NEW ACCOUNT in BF4. This is madness!

  • Hey,
    my name is b00nyn4t0r and I want to appeal a ban.
    I already wrote a ban appeal on .
    They said:

    So I do now. I'm just gonna copy my whole message I wrote there.

    So in the end me and my friend got banned in BF3 for nothing. We created new accounts buying the game for more than 100€ and we are not able to play any BF ever again?
    This is really sad. We haven't done anything.
    I'm sorry I'm that upset but I just don't get why some people get random banned for nothing. There is not even a proof for our bans or anything. If there is then please show it to me.
    I'm not gonna calm down and I will do anything to get my account back, even if it has to come to take all legal measures against you or whoever is to blame.

    Thanks for hearing me out,


  • It seems you were both banned by GGC for using a gamehack #80752. That is a huge reason for your bans. Yes, you both created new accounts and bought the game again BUT, the new player names you used are basically the same as your old accounts. That means is is a an easy to link you to your old accounts. Fortunately for you, Metabans is not a global anti cheat streaming site so there are many servers on which you can play.

  • Actually you are wrong. I was banned for allegedly using the (GAMEHACK) #80752 and my friend for (GAMEHACK) #80780. And I still want a proof for the bans.
    And THE SAME NAME is not NOT a reason for banning.
    Imagine someone would just use the same name as my friend or me and gets banned for nothing too.

    How about you check all our stats to see if there are some stats that are suspicious (there aren't).
    And to make it clear, I'm not talking about the Metbans.
    More important are the GGC bans at the moment.

    Sorry for being rude or anything but maybe you know how I feel.


    (mad person rages haha)