I got banned when I didn't really do anything?! pleas help

  • So yesterday I got banned for esp hack 0_o when I wasn't even using a hack so can someone pleas explain me why Im banned AND PLEAS lift it.

    Becouse I got bf3 free and then spended my last money on premium so I could play on tHE ConvenT server becouse they only play expension maps and I really loved playing bf3 b2k on ps3. But now I really get the feeling that everyone is against me in this world. The firt day when I got the ban I thought that this could be easilly fixed becouse I never used hacks in bf3 I EVEN DONATED TO THIS SITE ONCE.

    But... becouse off this ban I can't even play properly BF3 on my favorite maps and one off the worst thing is that I can't login into the cummunite site and tell them I got dishonest banned so they could help me.

    And another thing is that I could have recorded the games but I thought that it would be better If I didn't becouse I don't have the M98B yet. And that feeling that I didn't record is hounting me now, I allready have sleeping problems but this is one off the worst things I evern encounterd in life.

    So pleas fix this problem I beg you T.T