Application for unlocking characters!!!

  • Good day team GGC-Stream! Are you concerned about a resident of Azerbaijan - Elvin Soldatov, I'm a big fan of the game BFP4F, and for a long time, I enjoyed this game hard. Originally playing for Medroсk reached level 30, engaged in pumping the 2nd character, and even registered yet 2x.What a time I stopped playing, and returning to the game I learned that my first character is blocked by your system. Never seen the point to Use prohibited programs, and all the characters have reached their levels in an honest way. You are my last hope !! What can I do to provide any information to prove that I was honest with you?With respect to your El Soldatov! P.S.: I apologize in advance for grammatical errors, use an online translator.

  • only way it will be discussed ===> Appeal

    evenBalance Ticket: make sure to open a ticket at

    also please read this Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!

    if you need your GUID use this link [HowTo] - What is my PB-GUID?

    Hacked and/or borrowed/lent account read this Account Security

    you must be patient all staff members are volunteers.

    It does not matter that your account was hacked/barrowed/sold/or misused. Account security is the account owner's responsibility. We(ggc, ACI, or do not ban the player, we ban the account once it has been compromised.