Ban appeal, please read before the deleting

  • Hi all,

    Moments ago I was playing on the WeekendWarriors BF2 server, and got kicked for 1 minute with the message 'contact the owner of the server' or something along those lines. I rejoined shortly after and then promptly got GGC-stream ban. This amezes me since I've never used a cheat in my life. The only rational explanation I have is that someone is using the same BF2 key as I do, however when reading up on what a GGC ban exactly is it says it's linked to your ingame character, which would make it unlikely unless someone has my BF2 password and used a hack?

    Could someone please explain, and hopefully help me with this situation?

    As for why I didn't use the ban appeal form it's because my GUID is not on the banlist. (perhaps because it hasn't been updated for two days?)
    My relevant details are:


    Thanks for any help you can offer!


  • and got kicked for 1 minute with the message 'contact the owner of the server' .

    There is your answer ;)
    Probably the Serverowner set your GUID on his internal Banlist.
    I wanted to have a look about your GUID, but there is no entry to see in our System. Are you sure, you provided us the right GUID? Because,i found this GUID: 9200BED5104FXXX161C39E754 (marked a few digits for the privacy) 9200BAD(that's what you gave us) The Name "redover" is connected to a GUID wich starts with 9200BED.... for Battlefield 2; And in this case there are no bans in our System.

    May you can look again wich GUID is connected to your Battlefield 2 Account?