• Hi Leute,

    ich habe ein großes Problem mit GGC-Stream.
    Ein sehr guter Freund von mir (KITTFujitsu) hat vor einiger Zeit einen GGC-Ban bekommen, der ihm nicht erlaubt auf GGC gestreamten Servern zu joinen (auf allen anderen funktioniert es einwandfrei), denn er bekommt immer folgende Fehlermeldung: "Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'KITTFujitsu' (for 1 minute) ... Cheater banned by GGC-Stream.NET. Ban on GUID feffb020d627eea603ad7b689bc557b6. Contact GGC-Stream.NET for details. [Admin Decision]"
    Ich würde gern erfahren, weshalb er denn genau gebannt wurde bzw auf welcher Grundlage dies geschah (Beweisstück wie ein PBSS zum Beispiel).
    Haben ja bereits einige Tickets an GGC geschrieben, allerdings wurde uns da auch keine genaue Aussage bzw kein Bangrund angegeben (und damit meine ich nicht "MULTIHACK #79623", denn zu diesem gibt es einfach keinen Eintrag bzw ist hierzu nichts zu finden)

    Was auch verwunderlich an der Meldung ist "Admin Decision" in der Banbegründung, was ja meiner Auffassung nach bedeutet würde, dass ein Admin den Ban ausgesprochen hat, oder irre ich mich da?

    Wäre äußerst dankbar, wenn mir jemand hier helfen könnte das Problem zu klären.

  • translated

    Hi people,

    I have a big problem with GGC-Stream.
    A very good friend of mine (KITTFujitsu) got some time ago a GGC-Ban, which does not allow him to joinen on GGC streaming servers (for all others it is working properly) because he always gets the following error message: "Game disconnected: you werewolf kicked by PunkBuster Stated reason:. PunkBuster kicked player 'KITTFujitsu' (for 1 minute) ... cheaters banned by GGC-Stream.NET Ban on GUID feffb020d627eea603ad7b689bc557b6 Contact GGC-Stream.NET for details [Admin Decision] "...
    I would like to know why he was banned because exactly or the basis on which this was done (piece of evidence as a PBSS for example).
    Have already written some tickets at GGC, however, no precise statement no Bang Around us was there or stated (and I do not mean "MULTI HACK # 79623", because at that there is simply no entry is this or nothing to find)

    What is also surprising to the message "Admin Decision" in the Banbegründung, which would have meant, in my view, that admin has issued the ban, or am I wrong here?

    Would be extremely grateful if someone could help me here to clarify the problem.

  • He will need to appeal the ban and not you, only he can find out why he was banned or knows why.

    i can tell you this. that is a valid ban from http://evenbalance.com

    here his his/your ban


    good luck the only way to find out is to ask as the account user is the only one who knows what they used to trigger this ban.

  • Thanks for the translation :-)

    I'm writing for him because your admins said he would get banned if he would ask again. So therefore I said that I open this thread to help him in this case.

    But the thing is that nobody of us know the exactly reason of this ban. You say that it's a punkbusterban but if it were a punkbusterban he would have problems to join punkbuster-streamed servers, right or am I wrong?
    But you should have any proof for this ban, isn't it? So this I really would like to see this proof because I really know that he's not cheating or something like that.

  • Eine Punkbuster-Violation wurde ausgelöst, kein Ban. Heißt: Er kann weiterhin auf Punkbuster-Servern spielen, auf GGC Servern aber nicht mehr. Für Weiteres bitte den üblichen weg gehen.

  • Uh damn, didn't saw that I've posted it into english section :-/

    But if it's "just" a violation (btw nobody knows which violation it was or which was the cause of it) why is it just a GGC-ban and no Punkbuster-ban? We've already gone the usual way but nobody wants to help us, so that's why I've opened this thread here.

  • A Punkbuster Violation and a Punkbuster Ban is not the same, a Violation is a simple kick, if you remove the disallowed program from your computer, you can play after that as usual on punkbuster secured servers.

    GGC has taken on the task to ban all players who got kicked by a violation, because violations are triggerd by disallowed programs (unless there is a false-positiv), so these persons are cheaters. If you have oppinion, that your violation and the ggc ban are false, you have to write an Evenbalance ticket. And if the answer from evenbalance confirms that there was a mistake by Punkbuster, then you can open a ticket at our site with your Evenbalance ticket url and we will unban you, that's the usual way, and that's the ONLY way we can help you. There are no ban appeals allowed at our forums.