[How-To] Create/Add Evenbalancetickets

  • I How do I create a Evenbalance ticket correct?
    II How do I add important informations?

    I How do I create a Evenbalance ticket correct?

    Link: wwww.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/

    1. Accept the PunkBuster EULA

    2. Enter the required information. Fields marked with * are required! Enter your GUID and the Violation number in the problem / issue box. Please add an Email address that you have access to - do not use a fake email as you will not receive notifications when Even Balance update the ticket. Your ticket ID and URL link to the ticket will also be sent to this email address - it cannot be recovered by any alternative method.

    3. The arrow above shows the Evenbalance ticket link. This must be added in the GGC ticket for so we can validate the Even Balance response. It must he be kept and saved carefully it is the only key to the ticket! Anyone with the link can view and edit the ticket. It should be used only for internal contact with GGC admins. If you have provided a valid email, it will be sent to your email address. The arrow below shows the information that must be entered correctly so that the ticket can be updated by Even Balance. A response takes an average of 1-3 days.

    II How do I add important information?

    1. Fill in the field "Additional Information" with the additional required information, or message you want and click the button "Add Note".

    2. This is a correctly completed example of an Evenbalance trouble ticket - yours should also look like this.