Wearebattlefield.com calls for strike!!

  • Dear Battlefield Community,

    there are times when you have to stand up and say: “ we will not continue like this”

    Many communities / clans / serverowner have reached that point now.

    R45 patch was the straw to break the camel's back. With revoking the right to use the adaptive server size we have hit the bottom which cant be accepted by our communities / clans / serverowner.

    Why should we have to pay the server, maintain daily, poke a lot of passion and keep the spirit of Battlefield alive, receive more and more castrated rights... If a player dont like a server he can join the next or even better, he can join "OFFICAL" server without “mimimi-admins” or badmins.

    Revoking our rights to us, the serverowner, like we would misuse our rights, is a mess. Many patches, taken by DICE are neither useful nor understandable.

    Therefore, we refuse - and call on all server owner to participate and download our UNRANKED startup.txt

    The refuse will begin on January 3, 2015 at 12:00 UTC for 24 hours

    All information can be found here: http://www.wearebattlefield.com or in Teamspeak:

    On behalf

    Battlefield 4 Server-Community


    Wrong kick message to a player if a vip player joining a full server which upsets every player

    Display of server ip make it easy to ddos our gameserver

    Revoking rights of server owner:


    Adaptive Server Size: Small or new communitys have no change ot it is very gard to get the server full

    For a long time ranked server were underprivileged compared to official servers (less player)

    Bad communikation by EA/Dice if radical changes on the game or gameserver:

    i.E.: When commander exploit was active nobody told me if this exploit was fixed. No succes via Facebook, Twitter or telefon support. Also no infos thru battlefield control room