Star Wars Battlefront Patch Notes 16.12.15

  • Punctual to Star Wars - The force awakens - there was a patch released for Battlefront 3 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

    Basically there were the following changes:

    Star Cards:
    A bug got fixed, which made it impossible to use Star Cards in the Heroes vs. Villains

    All other Updates in the bottom of this topic effect only Xbox One and PS4.

    the auto-lock of Boba Fetts rockets are removed for heroes.

    The AT-AT lifepoints were increased to enhance the chances for the imperials.

    Weapons, Gadgets

    Regarding the weapons, the damage of the Impact grenade got reduced from 100 to 90. Thus no direct kill is possible anymore when the user had full life points.

    More Updates

    In Multiplayermode, in the gamemodes Walker Assault and Heroes vs. Villains they fixed a bug, where on different maps 12 players were stuck on the loading screen. Also a bug got fixed where players joined in an area where they took damage from, but the area wasnt shown as lava.

    These were the big changes of the patch.


    The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Double Score Weekend is active between December 18, 1:00 AM PT and December 21, 1:00 AM PT.