Battlefield 5 Rumours

  • Everyday there is a new rumour about the new Game title from EA/DICE. Is the name Battlefield 5 "Eastern Front"? Does it take place in the future, or is it a WW 1 Game? It is for sure something that will be released from DICE LA after 5 Years of waiting for Battlefield Part 5.In fact, DICE has prophibited their employees to talk or leak more facts about the the new Battlefield Part. It is almost safe to say that the new Title will have a military theme (Of course). The estimated relase date is also vague, it may be fall this Year, or early winter.
    It is possible that the first scenes and an offical statement from EA/DICE will be annouced at E3 in Los Angeles and Europe in June 2016.

    EA/DICE almost closed the Community Test Environment Server (CTE). There will be no new content in the CTE Server but it will still be online. The team who were working on the CTE will now be used to work on Battlefield 5. The "new" maps in Nightmode, Shanghai and Golmund Railway, are still online in the CTE and free to play, but there will be no more support from EA/DICE. If the CTE will stay online is not sure.

    So there is stil room for many new rumours, many assumptions, and wishes from the Battlefield Community all over the world.

    Chany / NofoSpike