is there any possible way to report undetected damage hack ?

  • You need to find a hit to kill (hit / kill) with a percentage higher than probable to start with. For example:

    HC server, most weapons do 22 damage and players have 60 hp. In a perfect scenario 24/7, with no head shots, that will take three hits to get a kill (33%)

    The problem becomes when you see above 33% on weapons that require three hits to kill is determining why. For example, did someone else do 99% of the damage and you do one hit and get the kill (1 / 1 = 100% h / K cheater alert)? Obviously someone not guilty of cheating could be banned. Same goes with head shots (HS). HS do 150% damage now, so in an HC server if someone consistently gets one body shot and one head shot, which is completely legit, their H/K is now 50%, which makes them look guilty for nothing.

    If their H/K is an overall stat of over 50% AND their kill assists are LESS than 50% of their kills, you now have an argument for a damage cheat. The point being that in the scenario of someone does 99% damage and you get that last hit for a kill, you can now make an easily calculable defense that you received a kill assist credit.

    But it's still back to the main point of, the person in question requires at least, I'd say, a 70% H:K before you'd even take the time to calculate kill assists to explain their higher H:K.

    I'm currently going to Purdue for computer programming, from your statement, it seems you're the one who's cheating and that's how you know you've found and undetectable cheat. Without stats for proof, the only other way to find a "cheat", without doing it yourself, is by gathering video evidence.

    For example, I do know for a fact there is at least one damage cheat that PB can't catch because of this video.

    He does 65 damage with a tow missile at the 24 second mark that would otherwise do 32 damage (200% damage hack).

    At 0:51 you can see his damage hack again in progress. He does a FRONTAL attack for 37 damage (200% damage hack) that ONLY does 19 for someone NOT cheating.

    That's what a damage hack looks like.