• Hi all, a couple of months ago i was at a LAN party with quite a lot of friends and we played some battlefield 4. The thing is, this one guy motivated us in a drunken state to test some hack on a non-cheat protected server. It worked and we messed around shooting rockets and stuff while flying. Anyway, we switched on over straight to a ranked server shortly after and i seem to be the only one that didn't turn that shit off. Yeah i played with the injector running, but it wasn't actively used. I played normally afterwards for a week or two and then i got smacked with the ban hammer. I left the situation as it was and is quite deserved, however, it was back in May. I am still not able to play Battlefield 4. Can this be reverted at all?
    If so, help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sincerely - a apologetic injector user.

    There were 3 programs used, the only one i remember was boris something.

  • We do not discuss bans in our forum.

    Please take note of this thread-> Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!


    Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!The regulations of the anti-cheat communities and many game server admins are clearly defined: There is a zero tolerance for cheats on your computer!


    Regarding "testing": It's NOT for admins (SGA's) or users to test cheats! Only Punkbuster (EvenBalance) has to do that.

    So the ban will stay.

    best regards,