How the GUID works?

  • Hi, recently I discovered my BF3 account was hacked and some dude in Ukraine got me banned. It is a shame I won't get my GUID un banned, but ok, it is not why I am here.

    I just discovered I was banned in BF3 because I was kicked i BF4, so I was wondering if the GUID is tied to my origin account or every individual game has it's own GUID. If I ever decide to buy BF1 or any future release I can be kicked out of a server because of the BF3 ban?

    If this is the case it would be better for me to ditch the old account and any future purchase be made in an alternative account right?

    Also, anyone know if accessing my Origin account would be the only way for someone to use my GUID or it could have been accessed by other means?

    Thanks for the help

  • The GUID is shared between BF3 and BF4. As example, BF Hardline has a different one, even used in the same Origin account.

    Since the Testversion from BF1 is online, i can tell you, that Punkbuster (which was the reason you have a GUID) is not in this Version. And i doubt that Punkbuster will be added in the full game. EA and Dice are working since Star Wars Battlefront only with Fairfight, which is not in need of Punkbuster. But they are banning also your Origin ID Number if caught while cheating.

    So it is on you what you are doing. What is happening in the future if the cheater will increase in BF1, nobody knows.