What is this hatred ّNeglect dramaticallyّ

  • He says
    Forum does not discuss the ban
    This is your WORK here
    To discuss outstanding issues
    You must find a radical solution
    I'm having more of a problem here

    • Slow to react
    • Abide by excessive rules
    • Lack of respect for the client or player
    • Ignored orders .. and perhaps personally
    • The small number of volunteers
    • Only two languages
    • Not to differentiate between the hacker and the wrong
    • Full reliance on strict rules, Without taking into consideration that there is a petition or exemption
    • The prohibition of many accounts with it's |not free| $$$$

    Inconvenient truth
    is not it

    I'm from here, please.
    Re-consideration of reports
    You must amend laws

    ****You get one chance for once****
    I'm not better than you this work
    But my words very important
    It includes all the oppressed here
    unban me .. plz <3

  • 1. I answered your first request as fast as possible, but there was an error on the Even Balance website, so we were not able to use our standard process an we had to waite for an answer from them.

    2. I don´t really know what you mean with this phrase.

    3. We treat everyone with respect, but if you excessively spam our ticketsystem or something else, we can handle this issue with a different view. (For sure fair).

    4. If i tell you to add some information to your Even Balance ticket, and you try to ignore my instructions, we are not able to help you...

    5. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

    6. The most spoken language in our appeals is english, so the german and english support is ok.

    7. You are responsible for the safety of your account, if someone use a non legal software with your GUID, your GUID will be banned, not the person which used it.

    8. Rules are there to be complied with.

    9. GGC bans are based on Punkbuster violations, if you appeal your ban, the violation will be checked (if there was a false positive trigger or not). If the violation was not triggered in error, the ban will stay, if the violation was triggered in error, the ban will be lifted!

    I hope that´s all...

    Greetings Striker

  • Limited answers
    You are still lacking compassion
    There are exceptional cases
    It must be well considered
    Analyze the situation .. and then a fair trial
    I do not see that everything is fine ..
    I still oppressed

  • Since you already admit to not understand English well, just read the Text Admin Striker wrote, again.

    It really doesn't matter WHO used a Cheat under the GUID which got banned. For the fact and the CLEAR evidence:
    1. A 3rd Party Programm was used with your/the GUID.
    2. Punkbuster (Even Balance) triggered this Violation under this GUID. How this works? Google will tell you.
    3. Since you admit that your friend used a Cheat with this GUID, the evidence is more as clear.
    4. We DO NOT ban Persons, we ban GUIDs. So you are free to open a new Origin Account and buy the Game a second time.
    5. The Serveradmins who are streaming to us, do not want forgiveness. They want to have a clean Server. A Server without Players who are using forbidden Programs, especially they don't want players who got already banned/kicked over Punkbuster for a 3rd Party program.
    6. You are FREE to play on Server which do not use our and/or any Anti Cheat Sytstem.

    If you would borrow your Car to your friend and he crashed it, you have to do the same, buying a new one. Even if he admits to be guilty.

    Writing more and more will not help you to get the Ban lifted, because it will stay.

    I'll close this Thread here. All is said. For further Questions or concerns, ask in your Ticket.

    Thank you for your understanding.