Hacking on a server streaming GGC

  • Hi I play on a server that streams GGC to stop hacking but everyday there are hackers on the server. A hack being used looks like a ball of light that appears under helo, jet, tank etc. I have screen shots and video of the hack in use. The hack makes me lag really bad when it is activated. Also i can hear the hack being used in game and visibly see it in game. on the same server people are using aimbots also. Last night a player i have suspected hacking for weeks tamola72 is his screen name was in a tank i put 4 good tank rounds in his tank no damage and he killed me with 1 round. He does the same in jets etc. I have tried to contact the admins of the server but they never reply or even care as they never show up on the server. Can anything be done to stop the hacking? I have included a small snapshot of what the ball of light looks like in Caspian Map where the US helo spawns.


    • 1mb.PNG

    Kill em all let God sort em out!

  • Thanks for the reply. Its really bad on the server now every time I go in the hackers are there. Did you look at the screen shot I put up? Do you know what hack it is or what it does?

  • I am not sure of you guys are aware how WE and especially Punkbuster is working.
    Well, for Punkbuster, just use Google, or their Website and read how this Program works.
    For us. IF Punkbuster is triggering a forbidden Program on a Players PC, they will get kicked and banned immediately, because we support their bans. If the Program will not be recognized, or triggered, the Player will stay on your Server. You still have the Option through or Site to Ban the Player via his GUID. Or just using a Tool and ban them there.