False ban by admin

  • False banned by GOPOSTAL on #1 TDM Hardcore, don't see the ban on this website. I don't hack and not surprising I don't see it on this website since he has a personal grudge so I guess I might be fucked eh? Gotta love badmins who have the power, when you just wanna play but you can't play the game because of some cuck of an admin, if only they had #official admins then he would be benched and have someone with an actual brain take over. This has turned into such a joke with private servers. NO way to get unbanned once you're banned.

  • You are seriously coming here with those kind of insults and expecting help? Really?

    Seems you are banned by the Server Admin, wich has NOTHING to do with us. So go ahead and contact the Sever Admin to ask for a reason.

    And for the next time you really should calm down before you writing in a public Forum.

  • Chany

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