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  • Hello, I recently started playing BF3 after about a 10 month hiatus. I've been playing since around the 27th of this month I would like to say, when I installed the game at my new address within the same city I live in.

    Today when I got home and logged onto origin to play, I attempted to join a server and received this message initially: Violation (GAMEHACK) #82010

    It would say I have been kicked from increments ranging from 3 to 5 minutes at a time.

    I figured that this was most likely a PB error seeing as I have had similar issues in the past going all the way back to BF2

    I reinstalled PB, and got the PB ban message. I also double checked to make sure pbA and pbB were currently running in my processes.

    Next I reinstalled origin due to a new updated, and alas the same issue. I also repaired my game files as well.

    I updated my video card drivers, and made sure any and all non-essential background programs were closed (Steam, CCleaner, skype, ect)

    After reading forum posts I checked PBBans and initially I could not find my account on there, however, within the last hour it has popped up under my GUID: 058c6c5228038c5f67318f4726ebcf5b

    I tried restarting my computer and joining one last time and that is when I received a messaging stating that I was banned by GGC and to come to this website to appeal.

    I filed an appeal with EvenBalance and am currently waiting to hear from them.

    I have been going from forum post to forum post for about 5 hours now trying to figure out how I could have been banned.

    Here is some more information that might be useful: ,

    I also found this on the website:

    2018-02-11, 12:37 AM
    [Blocked Image: Violation (GAMEHACK) #82010

    That is around the last time I would have played at my previous address, but I don't understand if I was banned on 2018-02-11 how I could have played for the past several days without issue?

    Sorry for the wall of text, but thank you for taking the time to review this appeal. Any advice on how to proceed from here would be much appreciated

    thank you,

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