Get going again #2

  • Seems the first part was prematurely closed, I have some follow up questions.

    So I need a new Origin account and to re-buy the game?

    How do I know that the new account won't also be closed without warning or repeal? This has the potential to cost me money and time. Can GGC offer assistance with the source of the original issue? What might have caused a false positive? What I can do about it?

  • Its going to cost about £45.00 to get another full copy of the game. Again I need some reassurance that a new account will not be arbitrarily banned like the first. I'd also really like a legal address for GGC please.

  • False positive files can only be sent to Even Balance over your Ticket.

    I am not sure what you not understand. I already explained that in several Threads you'd read perhaps.

    We are GGC, we are a Service for Server owner who wanna protect their Server.

    If you are "kicked" from us, this is because we are supporting Violations detected from Even Balance. Nothing more, nothing less.

    So we are HELPING you to get with them in contact (FYI, we are all Volunteers here). Then you can provide them all you know, even files what you think could have caused a false positive detection.

    We can NOT change the outcome of an Even Balance Ticket, since we are NOT Even Balance. We also can NOT know what Violation Number is used for what Violation since those Numbers getting set can guess... Even Balance.

    It doesn't make any sense to open up a ton of Threads or Tickets here. This will only lead to a point we have to suspend you from our webpage.

    We doesn't say YOU are a cheater in Person, nobody did. The Violation still got triggered from Even Balance on the GUID linked to your Game Account and it will get supported from us, so long Even Balance is not lifting the Ban or is saying it is false positive.

    You can feel free to use Server w/o our protection. Like official EA Servers, or some private Server who don't ptotect their Server with our Service.

    If you don't want to do that, you need a new Origin account and a new Game.

    And here you can fin the Adress for our Legal Service:

    Please stop now open up new Threads. You can use your Ticket for all Questions regarding your Violation.


    Okay NVM. I just saw your Ticket and it is about the Screenshot with Purple enemies. We already banned someone for that in the past.

    But even for this, please ask in your Ticket, or feel free to contact our Head about this.



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