Battlefield 4 GUID

  • This is not a ban appeal. I know this forum is not the place for ban appeals, this post is a bit different. I see my BF4 account had a ban placed on it (not sure how long ago this may have been). When I pull up the ban on GGC it says Violation (GAMEHACK) #86001. On the same page it says my GUID, I think..?

    I could be reading it wrong or something, but I think it says what my GUID is on ggc-stream when I pull up the ban. Only reason I ask is because I wanted to read up more on this ban and just try to get any info I could about why the ban occurred. I found a website called PBBans and ran what I think is my GUID in it but cannot find anything.

    So either what I think is my GUID on ggc-stream actually is something else, or PBBans has no record of my battlefield account/guid.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Just wondering if I am doing something wrong. Just looking for more info about the ban.



  • Easiest way to find out your GUID is reading the Kick message in Battlelog, it should include your GUID. The GUID is always connected to a BF 3 and 4 account and is always the same and it will never get changed.

    Only reason why you are not on PBBans is, that you never get kicked/banned from them, or did play on a Server who is using that service.