What is Punkbuster and what does GGC do.

  • What is Punkbuster

    - Punkbuster is a program which belongs to Even Balance. We (GGC) have nothing to do with it.

    - All violations found by Punkbuster in the system that was playing with your account at the time will be processed there.

    - If Punkbuster detects a forbidden program while playing BF2/3/4, the player will normally be kicked from the server for 1 minute or more.

    Now GGC is on the move

    - We, GGC, are a service for server admins! And we help banned players to get in touch with Punkbuster, no more, no less.

    - These server admins don't want players, or rather accounts caught by Punkbuster, to play on the server they pay for, so they stream to us.

    - NO ONE says that you personally have done anything illegal. If you think a program may have caused this, report it to your Even Balance ticket and they will look into it.

    - We, GGC, have NO influence on the Even Balance ticket. We only support faster processing in cooperation with you. Also we have nothing to do with EA or Dice.