Solution needed/GUI

  • Hello,

    Last night i was kicked from a server of BF3 giving me this error "ERROR

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: First account (kozeeash) has GGC, PBB, PBGL bans. [perm][EQLS_Alekann]".

    The account was given to me few years back by player (kozeeash(not his account)(i can't write speak to him)). Last night i made a diffrent mail/account and bought BF 3 Premium from Origin. When i tried to join again I was kicked giving me same error. Is there a solution for this?

    How could i fix this?

    Also when i try to submit ban appeal on GGC by tichet password from evenbalance, it says that GUI is incorrect?

    Could you help?

  • The Kick message is manually added from a Server Admin "You were kicked by an ADMIN" so not from us, GGC. The Admin from this server is probably [EQLS_Alekann] Just contact them on their Clan Page.

    But the Name kozeeash is banned through Punkbuster since 2013 and Punkbuster issued a Global Ban on that GUID since 2016.

    What happend to your new Account, no Idea. I would need to see the Kick Message and need the Username and/or the GUID.

    If you don't created a very new Origin Account and just changed the Name and the Email, the ban will upheld since a GUID is connected to a Player account and not the Username.

  • Hei,

    My new account name is BumBapp

    I'm still trying to join anc i recive same message


    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: First account (kozeeash) has GGC, PBB, PBGL bans. [perm][EQLS_Alekann]".

    I did created a new account/new email used.

    The new acc name : BumBapp

    Thank you for reply.

    Hope you can clarify this with me

    @didn't ever use kozeeash as name. how does this affect me?

    ONE more question. Is it possible to recive same errors on BF4 servers? I'm thinking on buying it.

  • The Username BumBapp is NOT banned from Punkbuster and/or us.

    I i told you before, the Kick message is NOT from GGC. That's a Servermessage from a Servetool, used by the Serverowner. We can not help you with that Ban, because we do not own Server and we don't have any Informations of *private* Bans from private Servers.

    I know that some Servertools *can* ban for IPs. If you used the banned account before on the same Server (Or the former owner did), may they saved the IP and did ban your new account for just having the same IP. Can happen also with non stable IPs.

    You have to contact the Serverowner. That is probably a Clan or Community.

    Regarding the Kick Message this guy issued the Ban over a Tool: http://battlelog.battlefield.c…ekann/stats/368091558/pc/

    This is the EQLS Platoon: https://battlelog.battlefield.…toon/2955065254738378449/

    And his Clantag is maybe this Platton: https://battlelog.battlefield.…toon/2832655241204416305/

    May you have luck and can contact someone from that Clan so you can tell them what happend.

    From GGC, there is no Ban on your new Player.

    For now, just play on different Servers, that should be no issue.