banned for MD5TOOL #9002. Please help! I didn't do anything!

  • I played normally on a TBGCLAN.COM's servers couple of days ago without any issues. But during the weekend when I wanted to play, I got kicked and banned.

    I don't understand why. I have never modified any game files or used a cheat. I have over 1600 hours in BF4 and I play on other servers without any issue.

    On GCC it says "MD5TOOL #9002" and when the game exited it said something like "...MD5Tool Mismatch: Read Memory 5.0.ahk battlefield 4"

    I did some searching and apparently, the ban reason is due to something called AutoHotKey. I remember downloading AHK a long long time back to experiment with something completely unrelated to online gaming. I haven't even used it since atleast a couple of years.

    Just to be safe though, I searched for all "AutoHotKey" and "AHK" named files and deleted them across all drives.

    I have written two tickets appealing my ban but no response yet. Please assist me in this.