Ban - I ask for help and clarification

  • Hi all!

    On August 6, 2019, I was banned without explanation. ERROR message appears on servers -

    "The game is disabled: you were expelled by PunkBuster. Reason indicated: PunkBuster kicked player 'Cocainurn' (for 1200 minutes) ... enforced a previous MBi Ban for Cocainurn. [Admin Decision" and


    Game Disabled: You have been excluded by PunkBuster. Reason indicated: PunkBuster kicked player 'Cocainurn' (for 2 minutes) ... Violation (GAMEHACK) # 84179 "

    No one answers all questions.

    I ask for help and clarification.


  • You are not the World. Since Even Balance has more than you as customer who is creating Tickets, you have to WAIT and be PATIENCE. This can need a few Days, or Weeks.

    I removed your Even Balance Ticket Link, since everyone can make changes while having this Link.

    Now wait for an answer on Even Balance and do not create new Tickets.

    I am closing this Thread now. We are not discussing any Bans in the public. So feel free and use your Ticket you already created. And FYI: We are not working here for Money, we are spending our free time to help out here, even here you have to be patient.

    In the case you also opened up a Ticket on PBBans, because your copied and edited Message is from PBBans, you have to patient there as well.



  • Chany

    Closed the thread.