Ban appeal

  • Hi,

    I was hit by PunkBuster's false-positive bans over a year ago in BF4. During that time I have tried tirelessly to rectify the problem. However, only now am I able to do so. I made a trouble ticket with Even Balance on October 4th, but have not received any response from them (and never will?). The thing is, in my initial message in the ticket I included an image from an e-mail by EA that confirms my unban. I expect that to be sufficient for you to unban me?

    Kind regards,


  • Hello andy,

    I cannot find a ban on your name on NF1 or my own server (former NF2). I also asked campenator (owner of NF1) and he can't find your name in his banlist either.

    Need sleep, I thought i was answering a personal messages :)

    Kind regards sebastiaan6679

  • How long do I have to wait for a reply? I have waited more than 14 days, so if nothing happens within a week's time, you leave me with no choice but to contact my local data protection authority.

    Hoping for a constructive response!

    Kind regards,


  • W pobliżuGame disconnected: you were kicked out by PunkBuster. Reason given: Permanent ban on PunkBuster issued in ten ways of playing for the "BACZIGAN" service ... GLOBAL BAN GUID PunkBuster fea140d7./// I NEED HELP, something went wrong, please explain, I do not want to know who this case is, English does not is my native language, so I just hope everything is understood

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