Ban Appeal Violation (GAMEHACK) # 83019

  • Hello, I played Battlefield 3 and after that I took a break at 1 oâ��clock, I had to help a friend with an account, he gave me to check it. I checked it and gave it back to me, because my friend wants to play this beautiful game with me. Well, I wanted to play again and then throws me out with this error "PunkBuster kicked player 'DimkaMir' (for 2 minutes) ... Violation (GAMEHACK) # 83019". I do not know what it is, I do not play and did not play with any hacks. I have been playing the Battlefield series of games for a long time, I already have a colonel of level 100 and then gives out this. I searched the Internet and turned to you for help.
    And I still get this "[01/11/2019 01:23:41] Violation (GAMEHACK) # 83019

    [11.01.2019 17:48:09] Player DimkaMir kicked by ACI LiveSecure for ACI-PB-VIOLATION-83019-BF3 [Admin Decision] "

    I do not know what happened. Why did the ban come to me, I am always for fair play, and especially in Battlefield, since I love this series.
    I can give a lot of evidence that I did not play and do not play with hackers, check my profile or account for the use of some unidentified programs. I spent a lot of energy, nerves and time in this game, and all for what? Please help me with this problem :(

  • I wrote in Even Balance and they asked to throw off my GUID. I threw them off and now I'm waiting for an answer for about two weeks. here is the link to my ticket. Please help! I also wrote in GGC-Stream, they have not yet answered me :(