Found out harshly that GGC doesnt believe in second chances.

  • So recently I've discovered the Ban appeal process is only for innocent players that were innocently banned and if your an actual cheater there is no forgiveness or a belief in second chances and GUID global bans are really permanent and I feel a bit extreme. Recently installed Battlefield 4 and Punkbuster kept kicking me without stating a reason. Long story short after some troubleshooting found my PB logs and that a ban that took effect in 2015 is still in effect. Now dont get me wrong I'll be the first to admit that yes I did hack I dont dispute that or the fact theres penalties but its been over 4 solid years I would think would be some leniency or recourse. Even for the worst of cheaters shouldn't a 1 or 2 year ban be sufficient? I tried to appeal it on the belief that after 4 solid years of being banned on record and no other negative activity on my GUID since that day that maybe a 2nd chance could be given or maybe access on probationary conditions. This might be a shitty metaphorical example but imagine someone in real life who never committed a crime steals $50 and the courts decide to charge him with felony robbery and slap him with 3 strikes and chop off his hands all in a package deal for a first offense. Just had to vent a little but in the end I guess it dont really matter. I'll just head over to G2A and pick up a budget priced CD key in essence buying the game again. If I have to make another origin account too then ok no skin off my back.

  • Beside that we won't lift any Bans what got upheld from Punkbuster, alone for the matter of fairness for player who not cheat and just wanna enjoy the game, i'll give you my POW:

    Let me say your Game is a car you did buy for Money, then you install more parts for more Money on that car, so the car is probably more worth.

    Then you are driving too fast, you are passing many people with not so fancy car as yours, maybe you pester some people with your driving style, just like in the Game while you are cheating to be better than others and having better stats than others.

    And then you crash your fancy Car into a Tree. You Car is so broken, it is only scrap metal, you survived with little injuries.

    You can never use exactly THAT car... But you can buy a new one and drive again. Learn from this and start from the scratch to show that you never wont do that again.

    So ,it is up to you, to buy a new Game with a new account, get a new GUID and play again to get a new chance. You can get BF4 for under 5€ in official online stores.

    Just FYI: Thats my personal POW and does not reflect GGC.

  • That's a pretty inaccurate comparision. More like I was speeding and the police impound my car but they impound it permanently and they tell me to go down to the station but when I get there they tell me Im such a horrible person and they wont even allow me to pay the impound fees to reclaim my car. Also nearly any car no matter how destroyed can be rebuilt. Sure it may cost more then the car is worth to fix the car but that's why we have salvage titles.

  • Everyone has his own opinion about different things. You told me yours, i told you mine. You will not change mine, because i am also a player who is annoyed from cheating players who are coming on servers to be what? The best? Having the best KDR? For me, i am playing to have fun in my less free time and when i have to share my sparetime with someone who is cheating, the fun is over for me.

    I am sure i won't change your opinion here, so i am closing this Thread now.

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