Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player '' (for 2 minutes) ... Violation (AIMBOT) #59109

  • Hello,

    can please someone help me with this? i don't get any replay from PB for like 2 weeks now.

    In 2016 i bought BF4 an played it a bit. one day i went on server and got this Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player '' (for 2 minutes) ... Violation (AIMBOT) #59109

    I never used any cheats. Why to pay 100 $ and then got kicked or baned?I spoke with EA and they told me i don't have any penaltys or bans and nothing. i also saw one one forum that if you have high HS/kill rate system at some point made detection as aimbot.

    someone has some idea what too do? i actually search whole youtube and google and now luck.

    thanks for help

  • I cant play BF 4, global baned punkbuster guid ban for about 3 months. I have written to and nothing happens!

    I think there are corrupt shit heads behind this BF 4 game and even behind punk busts Even Balance.

    They have to sell everything to third parties and they shit for the most part.

    I have written e-mails, in I believe 5 cases for Even Balance for sure. But no answer, no, empty and no suport of my questions.

    It's just a program, has no problems, it's fragile.

    Punkbuster is not legally secure, corrupt and a lot of lice kids running the server and have the power to fuck with players who are good or have a long membership. I've never cheated, but now I am baned al severs and PB Global kickt.

    So I stop play this game BF4 and al game like have PB. BF4 is dying and all no cheating player most be valuable, but the shit heads runnign sever to the end of the day. after playing from the very first battlefield,

    before most who play on the servers today, for most

    became even before al stopped shit in the diapers on this al server to day.

    so i say goodbye goodbye all shit heads and corrupt shit kids, you ruin the whole idea of playing and having fun.

    But with a reduced gaming pressure on an old game like BF4, one should be afraid of their players and everyone who plays honestly should not have to declare that they are not cheating. So my BF 4 is C: deleted.

    evenbalance!! you are so fucking slow down so a snail runs over you

    ! Answer when writing in your reporting page. cursed mongolids, act for or die with Battlefield or help players who are without debt.

    I've given up the shit!!

    Zerovc I hope yuo get som help, good luck