Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!

  • Written by BBDK and Freakzter06

    Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!

    The regulations of the anti-cheat communities and many game server admins are clearly defined: There is a zero tolerance for cheats on your computer!

    If our streaming find a cheat program or related files, on your computer, you will get banned! It doesn't matter, whether you just tested the cheat or whether it was active or not. This also includes any form of level/"Easy account" tools!

    If you are registered as an ADMIN, your account will get banned in addition!

    Regarding "testing":

    It's NOT for admins (SGA's) or users to test cheats! Only Punkbuster (EvenBalance) has to do that.
    You can report cheats to [email protected].
    Furthermore you can report them via this link and we will do the rest for you: http://www.ggc-stream.net/tisy/ticket/write

    Many cheats or hacks, anchor themselves so deeply in your system, that not even deleting them, will remove them completely! PunkBuster are able to find fragments of some cheats, and the result is a permanent ban.
    Our system are looking for cheats at - by us - known places.
    If such a fragment is found on your system, there is no excuse - and a permanent ban will be issued by our system.
    All anti-cheat communities and the game server administrators registered here, do not show any tolerance, if a cheat or hack was discovered on a computer.

    Information about the risks:
    Many cheats, hacks or other supposedly useful tools, often include trojans, viruses and/or keystealers (keyloggers). Everyone should treat his CD-KEY as his personal credit card PIN, which you don't give away to someone. What would you think if your money is suddenly changing hands?
    Although some think that "no matter, I have a firewall and an antivirus program", they should be on guard! many programs are able to bypass such protection.

    We have heard many excuses (if not them all) and the following are just some of the excuses (examples) we get - excuses there will not change the outcome of a ban appeal(!!):

    * I didn't know, that that is a cheat or that I could be banned for using it
    * It wasn't me! It was my brother, sister, father, buddy, my dog.....
    * I just wanted to see how it works, for testing/demo/teaching or etc.
    * I just got tired of getting owned by cheaters, so I wanted to give some payback
    * I have not used it, it was only in my gamefolder (computer)
    * I wanted to see if the stream is working correctly
    * I lost / deleted my profile and just wanted to get it back as soon as possible (ranktools and etc.)
    * I just bought this key on ebay (from a friend or etc.), and it's banned!? It wasn't me
    * I got hacked/virus/someone stole my key - it's not even my IP or etc. (NOTE: Even if this is true, it isn't relevant for us as every GUID caught cheating gets banned - regardless who used it.)

    GGC Staff

    Update 13.08.2012 Freakzter06

    If you know you cheated you shouldn't hope for a second chance - we won't give one.

    "please I beg you", "I won't do it again" and "you may check me again" does not make any sense - if you acknowledge you cheated your ticket is closed faster than you opened it. Spare your and our time and don't open one unless you really are innocent.

    Another bad idea is to try to fool us - like if we were stupid enough to believe even the dumbest lies. Over the years we've seen it all.

    Attempting to fool us will lead to a exclusion from the ticket system and a account ban from the site and forum.

    Some of the following was already tried by persons but it's not only that:

    - faked EvenBalance Tickets
    - self-hosted EvenBalance Ticket system completely made like the EB one (seriously, someone really did that)
    - self-created EvenBalance employee names on a faked ticket system screenshot
    - self-builded files to make us believe this was the file which we banned for (never works)

    List could be updated any time but that is just the top of what people tried.

    Update 05.09.2013 PawelPopolski

    If you believe your account was hacked, think about the following:

    1. There are no information ever, neither from Origin, nor from any hackercommunity, that the database from Origin was successfully hacked.

    2. So the only way, that an unauthorized person could have used your account is
    a. a weak password
    b. an unsecret password

    To ensure the security of your account, read this link: How to Maintain Account Security

    Nevertheless, we don't unban GUIDs, that are compromised, even if you tell us, your account was hacked.