How do I correctly report cheaters?

  • In order to work quickly and efficiently and therefore cheaters faster end up on the ban list, we need a minimum of information from you. If these need to be researched in detail again valuable time is lost, this is detrimental to all members of the GGC community.

    How do I report correctly report a cheater, so the case can be handled as smoothly as possible?

    Before the message:

    1st You should make sure that the server has streamed at the time of the incident. To do this, use the "Who was online?“ search. It is possible that the stream may have been disrupted for a short time and therefore already banned could have come back to the server.


    2nd Then you should make sure that, in case you report PBSS, you collected all screenshots which have been made from that player so that we have some more screens to look whether the others are clean and possible bugs can be found. Never change anything on the screen and make sure to check the screenshot before uploading via the Screenshot Check! (Please do not change the name or the file format!)

    Screenshot check:

    3rd For demo reports please be aware of the following points:

    - Please upload the demo directly into the ticket system after packing them into the .zip or .rar format. We can not accept anymore external downloads due to the removal policies of several upload sites (files may be removed after some time.) Also for possible appeals we need to have the file stored on our servers.
    - Check out the demo for yourself and make sure that you really think that the suspected player(s) use cheats. Reviewing demos takes time, so we want to increase the quality of the reports.
    - Please include in a report the time when the player connects, the cheat you think he is using and fill out the fields above the text box.
    - In case you can't upload the file from your local system, use the remote upload function. You can find it directly next to the normal upload function.
    - Include a timetable in your tickets. This should state which situation makes you think the player is cheating and when he enters the game.

    Screenshot report:
    PunkBuster screenshots are preferred by all parties due to the fact that they are the fastest way to report a cheater. The proof is seen mostly at first glance and the relevant information is also stored on the screen.
    Please post it unchanged (as mentioned above) and don’t pack it! Post the original screens.

    You should also tell us what you consider suspcious on that screen(s) in case it's not obvious, otherwise the processing may be delayed or missunderstandings may happen.

    Report screenshots:

    Demo report:
    Please follow the points mentioned above and make sure that you store the demo as long as the ticket is open for the case that it is no longer available online. Please include the name of the cheater in the subject field! To get to the GUID of the player and at the same time also to check whether the server has streamed, use the "Who was online" function.

    Player: Post the player name in this box and also in the title of your ticket!
    GUID: Enter the GUID(s) from the player(s) of your report. Do not enter GUIDs which have never been seen on your server!
    Server: Please do not forget to enter it - otherwise we have to guess and search which one the correct one is!
    Date: choose the date via the calendar function
    Time: make sure to give us the time when the demo was recorded
    Description: "Player spawns after 5 minutes on 300%. Immediately after spawning he blasts away several squads with the RPK while standing on a roof. One minute later he uses the L85 and tracks every guy on the map through walls."

    Report demos:

    Youtube or/and Video reports:
    Everybody knows that it is very easy to compomise videos. As GGC-Stream is very consequent in verifying the media we ban for we can not accept videos as evidence for a cheatreport.
    Please abstain from sending us youtube or other videolinks in as we will not ban for them.

    Other reports:
    Name hackers in BF2: Unfortunately we can not use the Namehack buster detections as evidence. However, if you have the GUID of the player and his alias list names are impossible, we can ban the GUID (NOTE: Name hacking seems to be fixed with patch 1.5). Best way to check that is to search whether this name has a PID or doesn’t even exist.

    Report namehacks:

    We can not accept statements like “I have seen that guy cheating, my friends also, I know he is using something!” as ban able evidence. What would you think about being banned just because someone wants that? :rolleyes:

    Also statistics say NOTHING about a player. He may have played in other ranking systems, or is just a skilled player. Furthermore have been cheaters with a k/d ratio of 0.5.

    When you have reported evidence to us, please be patient and wait some time. We do this in our free time (and sometimes even while we do our normal work) just to keep your servers clean.
    Asking when the player will get banned does not decrease the needed time at all.

    Please don’t hesitate to report suspected server admins when you have absolute proof of them using cheats or those which had used them. Open a support ticket here to report such a case:

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  • Quote from Freakzter06;74599

    Also statistics say NOTHING about a player

    Could you please change that?
    Because its not true.
    "Also statistics cannot be used by GGC to ...." sounds better to me.


    At some point the math is "winning". And the hole statistic of a player is math.
    But you cant use this as proof, because the website could include a mistake ect ect - i know that.

    I just want to be sure that people "wake up" and accept - players stats = math = at some point ....

  • From GGC perspective they are drawing a distinction between the different types of cheating.
    GGC ban hackers, stats can be manipulated without using hacks.
    Cheating, stats padding, cracked servers, hacked stats (sigh) and even issues like data corruption, pid spoofing etc can all effect statistical values....but not something that anti-cheat sites ban for.

    I don't have any stats anymore....thanks the job of hackers for them.



  • l aint have time to even read this, thanks for ignore my legit evidence and telling me that my report had failed just couse of some insignificant details, this game is dying anyways, thanks

  • You report a player without his guid and with a youtubevideo. Better you read the text why we don't can and want to use this media. Otherwise every innocent user can be blamed and banned because of manipulated evidence. Please ask yourself if you want a way to get banned from hundreds of servers just because someone don't like you and he have the possibility to send in faked evidence.

  • l aint have time to even read this, thanks for ignore my legit evidence and telling me that my report had failed just couse of some insignificant details, this game is dying anyways, thanks

    As the Admin who worked on your Ticket...

    You have no time to read a simply text? But i should take my time to watch a video with "legit" evidence? We are supporting here MORE than 1 or 2 Games. And all Staff Members are working volountary here. Means, they take the free time and working on this project to make the games FOR YOU better.

    Maybe you should rethink about your rough words. Read the rules and you are fine. We can not take evidence wich can be simply faked. Its easy to understand for everyone.


  • "Stats don't prove hacks"...

    I'll make this short and sweet. Since someone clearly has never taken a statistics course to find probably one of the things you have to do is account for what CAN happen.

    Take sniper HS rate. There are only THREE things that can happen. One, you hit your target. Two, you miss your target. This includes things OUT of your control, a tank rolls in the way, a building falls down blocking the shot, or you just miss. Three, THEY move. That's it. So, even if you take into account that you NEVER miss, which is bull sh*t, you've accounted for 66%. Anything over 66% HS sniper rate is an automatic red flag BECAUSE there is ALWAYS a 33% chance THEY move. You canNOT predict 100% of the time what THEY will do. It's NOT possible. A Sniper HS rate of 80% MEANS that sniper KNOWS 42% of the time EXACTLY what the other person is doing to do. That's bull sh*t yet again. Want realistic proof? Next time you're stuck in traffic, do NOT look at the lights, and guess when the other lane of traffic will go. Keep score. When you say "now" twice, and they haven't moved yet, you're not going to make that 42% like the hackers do when sniping. When you tell me, without looking at lights, you will guess correctly 42% of the time EXACTLY when traffic will start with NO CLUE about what the other driver is thinking, I'll show you someone full of sh*t.

    Statistics prove a LOT once people get their heads out of their butt and learn what statistics can tell you.

    Edit: 80% Headshot means 42% because 33% is the unknown. 80% - 66% = 14% into the unknowable variable. 14% is 42% of 33% (the total unknowable variable).

  • But it is NOT in our task to check stats. There are many many possibilities no one can know. And it takes a LOT of time.
    To say it clear:
    We are ONLY supporting clear evidence in a Punkbuster Screenshot which was streamed to our Server while the Screenshot got captured. Second thing we are supporting: Violations from Punkbuster. If Punkbuster is detecting a 3rd Party/forbidden Program or whatever you wanna call it, it will kick the player for only a few minutes. That's why we are here, we are banning those players permanently from our streamed Servers.

    Please stop to spam our Forums and hijacking Threads. It is enough to ask a question in ONE Thread and not in 3. Thanks a lot!