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    Guys i figured it out...*puts on tinfoil hat* they get rid of bf3/bf4 players by banning them so everyone is forced to buy Bf5!!

    But srsly i still got no f.. response from Evenbalance...

    i already got an answer from EB. But your's will be like mine, and mine was like any other answer to the unfair banned players. We won't get unbanned (so far...).

    I also got banned because of Gamehack #81660. I never cheated or anything else. Sure i maybe got some reports but these are not for real. Anyway, i did not Update my Nvidia Driver, but i installed the new GeForce experience Yesterday. Than i got an Instant ban. 2 days ago i played normal like almost every day. For me it's not about the game, it's about my Account. I got too many memories with this Account and i almost got this Account since release. I also already Made a trouble Ticket at EB. I hope we all get unbanned.