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    thanks Norman of GGC Staff, he is the one who pm me many years ago to ask how i make stream of BFH to ggc working.
    And just due to this pm i decide to give Free2Play games a chance on ggc and start my "publicity drive" on bfh main forums


    Without him i dont know if anyone other try the same, and if so we lost many many days to ban the bad guys :D

    i check CBL, nice idea but its not really hard for a bored hacker to create a fake server and send faked PBSS to
    atm im to lazy to create account there to post my concerns at CBL :)

    But no worry i guess most pbscreens servers are ggc servers, so the chance is low ...
    But they should really eliminate the PBSS Screens who stream ONLY to pbscreens. Just to do all right.

    80% of my pbss submissions are from DETECTED hacks, well i guess bf heroes and play4free are really buggy in case of punkbuster ...
    sure chance to get caught exist all the time ... but check my pbss ... only detected stuff :D

    you have to querry every playername at to get his player id ... there is no link between player id and punkbuster guid
    tools like autoadmin do the same: getting pb guid from player at server, check if guid is banned at ggc, take his name (or names) from ggc and start querry with playername at, getting player id, banning player id

    If ggc deny your rewuest ...
    Request subadmin rights here at gcc from server admin. If u moderate the server isee no problem to get them ... also cause u can be a subadmin here without having any additional rights for the server at ggc admin panel :)
    If so, dont forget to give him your user id

    But a public guid request function would ne nice ... also if there are just a few requests possible per minute for "public users"

    Your IP might be blocked by CloudFlare, have you tried it from another IP / location?

    happens sometime to me too, waiting some hours or enter page with proxy (there are pages where u just need to enter the url) clear the problem
    just the "error message" is irritaiting from cloudFlare who tells u that ggc is the problem, but its just cloudFlare who temporarily block ur ip due to massive clicks for example

    i like to quote pbbans at this point
    quality over quantity
    so in others words 100 non banned cheaters are better than one wrong banned player
    and i guess that is the point of view of any serious anti cheat community

    to think that pink/cropped/black/failed screens correlate with cheaters seems to be a trend in EA's free2play shooter games ... anyway it is a stupid and childish point of view
    in general punkbuster screens is to detect cheaters who have no knowledge about the game or punkbuster and have no idia about any anti cheat protection and their consequences
    in my opinion (its just one single opinion) PBSS and MD5 Detection is a tool to catch stupid cheaters ...
    that is a fact, and to say that those "suspected" screens could be correlate with cheaters will not improve the chance to detect cheaters with pbss detection

    But in genereal: Such a request should goes to services how collect those PBSS, and there u can ask if they sort those screens out to get a list of those punkbuster guids of such "suspected" screen players, to use this list on your own server for banning.

    same here, perhaps u should differentiate by max number of tickets between PBSS/Demo tickets and appeal/support tickets ... i also couldnt open a ticket due to tons of pbss submission :D

    OT: no worry, my pbscreens farm is done and auto pbscreen submission in on the way

    One more Bug i note days ago, if u choose 10 PBSS to check by "PBSS check" u get max one pbss out as verified, also if there are all verified.
    General Bug or just due to database work ... ?

    EDit. by default u can choose just one screens, but not if u mark 10 screens and move them into "durchsuchen" button.

    If your question if battlefield heroes specific

    Pbbans streaming Servers: 4
    GGC streaming Servers: 125

    I would also say that those 4 servers stream to both AC servies, no reason for u to stream to both ... problem solved.

    or try the ultimate workaround by putting pbbans bans into local banlist here at ggc ... manually ... ^^

    At past there was a ppbans external banlist, but later ggc and pbbans cancles partnershit, as u can read there ...…cels+Partnership+with+GGC ;)

    If you are using both streams, you should activate MD5 Checks just by one services to decrease players lag. (if there is any lag)
    Yeah ppl will tell u that ggc and pbbans md5 checks are different, but there arent.

    Edit: Hmm perhaps there is a chance to connect ggc and pbbans again, i mean there is a new head at ggc.

    ofc there is a workaround,
    u can download banlist and serach with notebad :p (i guess bannlist will updated every 24 hours or somehing like that