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    Please read this thread carefully: Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!


    Please read this thread: Warning! NEVER download or test cheats!

    Here's an excerpt highlighting the important lines for you:

    Since you're streaming to ACI, PBBans, and GGC you may need to increase the value of "pb_sv_USessionLimit" from "9" to something higher. At best take "16".

    So use the following line instead of the one from your config:

    1. pb_sv_USessionLimit 16
    • Go to
    • Click on "I Agree to the PunkBuster EULA"
    • Type "CAZADOR-1981" behind "Name/Nickname:"
    • Type the following text behind "Problem/Issue:":
      Please check the following violation for a technical failure:

      Ban Link:
      Date: 12/11/14, 1:14 PM
      GUID: 2D1030A1
      Game: Battlefield 3
      Violation: Violation (GAMEHACK) #81576

    • Select "Battlefield 3" as "Game/Product:"
    • Type the code from the displayed image into the field behind "Security Code:"
    • Type your email address behind "E-mail (for notifications):"
    • At the end of the page click on "Submit Support Request"


    on our homepage, look at the left hand side menu and you'll find "Search (WWO)". By the way, "WWO" means "Who Was Online".
    On this page you'll find many (important) information about the players who are currently playing on the selected server, as well as players who've played on that server in the past.

    Best Regards,
    UPS_Salla, GGC Admin

    Also was muss ich machen damit ich wider zocken kann???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Zu aller erst musst Du Dich einmal beruhigen. Als zweiten Schritt musst Du weniger das Wort mit Sch... verwenden.

    Sobald wir das hinkriegen, können wir weitermachen:

    Auf folgender Seite findest Du alles, was Du über Deinen Bann wissen musst, einschließlich/einschliesslich (warum habt Ihr in der Schweiz eigentlich kein scharfes s "ß"?) eines Links, um einen Ban Appeal zu erstellen:…671d50dd15fe11260/game/41

    Und zu Letzt musst Du noch darauf achten in welcher Foren-Sektion Du Deinen Thread erstellst. Diesen hier hast Du nämlich in der Englischen Sektion erstellt. Ich habe ihn in die Deutsche verschoben.

    UPS_Salla, GGC Admin

    you know what is the 5 year veteran ?

    Yes, it's bullocks. Also, stats don't mean a lot, especially if you get caught after a second of cheating, then your stats indeed won't be extremely good or something else.

    Regarding your first post:

    Best regards,
    UPS_Salla, GGC Admin

    P.S.: Below you'll find an excerpt of the SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT you've signed with Even Balance, Inc.