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    Harry you are a STAR mate, fourdogs had registered the wrong port, nice spotting mate. I have deleted the old server and added the new, it is now Streaming.

    Thanks very much from the -DOG= Clan Admins

    Thanks Matt, I cant view that page it says im not authorised, is it because fourdogs setup the server here on ggc so im not an admin ?

    I have followed a guide mate, the entries are in the pbsv.cfg as you can see above (lines 86 to 88), still no joy. although the guide I followed had an extra ip line (line 88) Could that be the problem ??

    and this is the pbucon.use file

    We have tried setting this up on numerous Occasions and for the life of me I cant see whats gone wrong

    Any help will be greatly appreciated



    HI everyone,

    I am an admin with the =DOG= Clan.

    I am trying to get to the bottom of why our server is not streaming GGC

    Our Clan Leader fourdogs4 and I have followed all the instructions in the setup guide (including adding the server to ggc - , and all the information appears to be in the pbsv.cfg but still the server is not streaming. Fourdogs4 did send a ticket 2 days ago but has had no response as yet.

    Server IP is

    Below is our current pbsv.cfg